The general characteristics of our products
1. We developed the overall extrusion craft to make our finned tube. This craft removes the thermal resistance, enhance the heat exchange efficiency and prolong the service life of the product.
2. We decrease the usage amount of metal materials by enhancing the heat transfer efficiency. Thus our product is metal resource saving.
3. The enhanced heat exchange efficiency makes our product energy saving and compliant with the government policies about environment protection.
4. Most the materials of our products are available for recycling and reusing

Our growth path
1. Developing the stainless steel finned tube molding machinery.
In modern world, there is only one manufacturer who can make the stainless steel high fin pipe. However, our company is preparing to do this too. If we succeeded, there will be a dramatic change taking place in the heat recycling field, referring to boiler, air conditioner, power generator, and the chemical industry, especially for the anti-corrosion materials.

2. Developing the augmented products of high fin tube.
Nowadays, the cold condensing type boiler is applied in a large scale in the EU and the US. The number of the boilers on work had reached 8.6 million sets by 2010, and their value had reached hundreds of billions dollars. The figure is still updating by 20% to 30% annually. This kind of boiling device has much higher heat transfer rate than our traditional boiler, but we are still using the traditional boiler nationwide in China. We believe the government of our country will force the enterprises to obsolete the traditional boiler soon, so as to achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction. It is wise for the users of boiling device to prepare themselves well in advance, to welcome the reform of traditional boiler. Our products will have the great marketing prospects, and every enterprise has the responsibility to help with the reform.

3. Developing the energy saving product for the citizen heating system
Our product can be applicable to the solar water heater, thermal storage tank, and so on. Replacing the heat exchange pipes in the heat storage devices with our finned tube can greatly enhance the energy transfer efficiency. For example, if we add our product in the solar water heater, the heat in thermal storage tank will be utilized sufficiently. The output water can be used to drink, wash and cook, to achieve the goal of environment protection. In China, the market size of solar water heater is about CNY 40 billion which is also no doubt a big market for our product.

Three-year plan
We strive to increase our sales to CNY 150 million within the three years, and prepare ourselves well for any coming opportunity to develop.

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