Why Select Aluminum for Heat Transfer Solutions?
First of all, aluminum is characterized by extremely low density. Secondly, this material offers high thermal conductivity, thus being especially ideal for heat exchanger tubes. Thirdly, it possesses outstanding forming and welding properties, which allows itself to give versatile applications...


Why is copper best suitable for the heat transfer solutions?
Aluminium is light, steel is hard, stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, plastic is inexpensive – so why we use valuable copper when there are so many alternatives? Here are some of the many answers to this question...


Why Choose Cupro-Nickel for Heat Transfer Solutions?
Cupro-nickel alloys are considered as one of the most corrosion resistant copper materials. For instance, both strength and recrystallisation temperature can be possibly enhanced, by means of the specific addition of alloying constituents in low concentration...

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