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Hangzhou Fin Tube Pipe Industrial Co., Ltd. is a China-based manufacturer of premium heat dissipation pipes. A dedicated supplier since 1998, our company offers a complete range of heat transfer components including the fin plate, finned tube, finned tube condenser, and various finned tube coil heat exchangers. As a global distributor, we export worldwide to countries such as America, Germany, Britain, Australia, Russia, Italy, and India.

Headquartered in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, we currently operate from a modern base that spans over 20 acres. After 2 decades of groundwork, we now have a staff of more than 40 employees and a workshop that occupies over 5000m2.

In 2004, we successfully developed a product with independent intellectual property rights — the integrated extrusion finned tube. The introduction of this component resulted in 2 separate patents. In the final quarter of this eventful year, we once again set the precedent by officially unveiling the first domestic finned tube coil heat exchanger in a joint project with the HANGYANG Group, a leading oxygen generator manufacturer in China. This newly developed component was implemented for trial purposes by a HBIS facility in Handan city. Its performance was actively tracked and monitored by the HANGYANG Group for several months and finally declared as a success. A long-term cooperative relationship was forged between our companies after this intensive collaborative effort. As their designated supplier we provide high finned tubes for matching heat exchangers, effectively optimizing the air separation unit of their cooling system. These state-of-the-art cooling solutions are either exported or sold to domestic giants in the steel industry, e.g., the BAOSTEEL Group, the ANGANG Group, and Wuhan Iron & Steel.

We are a designated supplier for Hangzhou Shanli Purify Equipment, providing them with finned tubes needed for their refrigeration dryer. These finned tubes are also required by Shandong Huacheng Sino-German Transmission Equipment for the completion of reduction gears. Other notable clients include Wuhan Laser, the KAISHAN Group, Wuxi Chemical Equipment Factory, etc.

Through continual technological advancement, we have successfully developed numerous types of finned tubes including aluminum, red copper, stainless steel, copper-nickel alloy, and copper-aluminum composite, and more. Highly versatile and widely applicable, these products are commonly utilized for purposes such as purification, air separation, vacuum induction, LED cooling, and heat recovery by industries including iron, steel, solar power, petroleum chemical, etc. OEM service and additional customization options are available upon request. Please contact a sales representative for additional details.

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