1. 38.5 High Cupronickel Finned TubeThe 38.5 high cupronickel finned tube is adopted by the boiler manufacturers in a large scale. It shows high heat exchange efficiency and long service life, as well as the better chemical corrosion resistance than red copper type. Now, over fifty thousand pieces of finned tube are purchased by the boiler producers in the US annually
    1. 47 High Copper Finned TubeThe 47 high copper finned tube shows terrific heat exchange efficiency and durability. It is purchased by the boiler manufacturers in a large scale, serving as one of the key parts of boiler, and many of them spoke highly of this product
    1. 57 Bimetallic High Finned TubeThe 57 bimetallic high finned tube is the one among our products has the biggest sized fins. It adopts the carbon steel pipe for base and the aluminum pipe for fins, by production means of expansion and overall rolling crafts. It features the extremely high heat exchange rate and long service life. HANGYANG group
    1. 19.05 Medium-High Copper Finned TubeThe 19.05 medium-high copper finned tube is commonly used to make the coiled pipe. It shows terrific mould ability, and can adapt to different working environment. A lot of heat exchange apparatuses need the product, like oil cooler and reduction gears
    1. 25.5 Medium-High Copper Finned TubeThe 25.5 medium-high copper finned tube is applicable to make all kinds of coiled pipes. We can make the product upon requests of customer. The high thermal exchange rate and good mould ability of the product are greatly valued by our German clients, and we have specially design the product for their heating system
    1. 27.5 Medium-High Copper Finned TubeThe 27.5 medium-high copper finned tube has higher heat exchange rate than the 19.05 type and 25.5 type. It has good mould ability to be made into all kinds of coiled tube. Our clients from German who applied our product onto their heating equipment gave us a high praise
    1. 13.5 Low Aluminum Finned TubeThe low aluminum finned tube is suitable for the small sized heater. It is made of aluminum, so it has good cost performance rate. Now it has been applied by the Zhejiang Sanli Purify Equipment Co., Ltd. on their products.
    1. 17.5 Low Aluminum Finned TubeThe 17.5 low aluminum finned tube is designed for the heat exchanger within small space. We adopt the aluminum material to greatly lower the production cost and price, without sacrificing the heat exchange efficiency. Now, this product has been praised by the Zhejiang Sanli Purify Equipment