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Finned Tube Coil Heat Exchangers

The finned tube coil heat exchanger can not only serve as tankless water heater, but also be mostly used for the heating of drinking or heating water. Moreover, it is ideal for heating or cooling other liquids. The suitability of material needs to be checked on a case-by-case basis.

Manufacturing Technique
As a spiral heat exchanger, our finned tube coil is composed of a seamless copper tube or aluminum tube accompanied with integral fins and brazed fittings. It has gone through a pressure test at 28bar in compliance with the "air under water"method.

By tinplating the outer surface of this finned tube heat exchanger, the risk of corrosion of galvanized steel tubes can be greatly lowered. The heat exchangers with tinplated surface are available from stock. Whether they are plated inside is upon request only.

Remarkable Benefits
1. This finned tube coil heat exchanger is designed with compact structure. It possesses high thermal conductivity of copper, as well as optimized heat transfer surface. Thanks to its compact coil design, it can be easily exchanged.
2. As a hygienic and antiseptic material, copper can be applied in the storage of drinking water. Owing to strong corrosion resistance, it is especially suitable for chloride-containing water.
3. Furthermore, the standard WRW heat exchanger is available from stock. If necessary, it can be adapted to various individual requirements of our customers.

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