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27.5 Medium-High Copper Finned Tube

The 27.5 medium-high copper finned tube has higher heat exchange rate than the 19.05 type and 25.5 type. It has good mould ability to be made into all kinds of coiled tube. Our clients from German who applied our product onto their heating equipment gave us a high praise.

Technical Parameters
Outer diameter d1 (mm) 27.5
Pipe wall diameter d2 (mm) 18.5
Inner diameter d3 (mm) 16.5
Pope wall thickness S (mm) 1.0
Outer sectional area A1 (m2/2) 0.32
Outer sectional area/ Inner sectional area A1/A2 6.03

Related Names
Durable Medium Fin Tube | Finned Tube with High Heat Exchange Rate

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