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19.05 Medium-High Copper Finned Tube

Outer diameter d1 (mm) 19.05
Pipe end diameter d2 (mm) 12.7
Inner diameter d3 (mm) 11.18
Pipe wall thickness S (mm) 0.76
Outer sectional area A1 (m2/2) 0.177
Outer sectional area/Inner sectional area A1/A2 5.05

Tip: The requirements about customization according to the design drawing are acceptable.

The 19.05 medium-high copper finned tube is commonly used to make the coiled pipe. It shows terrific mould ability, and can adapt to different working environment. A lot of heat exchange apparatuses need the product, like oil cooler and reduction gears.

Related Names
Cooling Element | Heat Exchanging Pipe | Heat Transfer Material

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