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38.5 High Cupronickel Finned Tube

Outer diameter d1 (mm) 38.5
Pipe end diameter d2 (mm) 19.3
Inner diameter d3 (mm) 16.0
Wall thickness S ( mm ) 1.25
Outer sectional area A1 ( m2/2 ) 0.52
Outer sectional area/Inner sectional area

The 38.5 high cupronickel finned tube is adopted by the boiler manufacturers in a large scale. It shows high heat exchange efficiency and long service life, as well as the better chemical corrosion resistance than red copper type. Now, over fifty thousand pieces of finned tube are purchased by the boiler producers in the US annually.

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Boiler Finned Tube | Heat Exchanger Component | Longitudinal Fin Tube

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