1. Copper Finned TubeThe fins can be acquired, after the outer surface of a plain tube is roll-formed. This process can help increase the strength of the finned sections, but the plain ends and lands are still soft. High-finned tubes call for those materials that can be cold-worked easily, such as aluminum and copper. Both aluminum and aluminum alloys.
    1. Aluminum Finned TubeThe aluminum finned tube is made of the smooth pipe by means of mechanical rolling. It has no thermal contact resistance, but offers high metallic strength, remarkable thermal and physical shock resistance, as well as the impressive thermal swelling capability. The greatly increased contact area makes much better heat exchange
    1. Copper-Nickel Finned TubeThe BFe10-1-1 copper-nickel finned tube is made by means of the overall extrusion craft. It shows terrific mechanical strength, anti-corrosion and thermal resistance. Being bent into coil for the maximum utilization efficiency is allowed. The corrugated inner pipe wall does help to force the fluid to form the turbulent current, which
    1. Stainless Steel Finned TubeThe stainless steel finned tube is superior to the smooth type in heat dissipation rate. Our product has the efficient thermal exchange surface which is several, even maybe dozens of, times as big as that of the pipe without fins. On the other hand, the corrugated pipe wall plays a part in slow down the flow rate and
    1. Bimetallic Finned Tube (Copper & Aluminum)The bimetallic finned tube is made from the copper pipe and aluminum pipe by means of composition, rolling and extrusion crafts. It is very useful in the heat transfer occasions with low temperature difference. The pipe is finished by the anodizing treatment, and looks lustrous. It also shows perfect corrosion resistance
    1. Bimetallic Finned Tube (Steel & Aluminum)The bimetallic finned tube belongs to the composite type. It is made up of steel pipe and aluminum pipe by means of thermal expansion and spiral extrusion techniques. The overall molded product has no thermal resistance, for the extruded fins are just the parts of the body essentially. By contrast

Finned Tube

The finned tube features the high heat transfer efficiency. The gross surface area of its fins is several, or even maybe, dozens times as big as the same sized smooth pipe, so that is why it has much better performance in heat conductivity. It can weaken the water flow resistance force and saving the metal material, which is meaningful to the buyers who want the biggest economical efficiency.

Our finned tube belongs to the new type high efficient heat exchange element. We adopt the high frequency electrical resistance welding technique to weld the strip steel and pipe together to make our product, so we can make sure the welding point has high enough mechanical strength. For this reason, our product shows higher heat exchange efficiency, longer service life, better temperature adaptability and pressure resistance.

From the inception of our company, we have been the heat exchanging element supplier of Hang Yang group, a famous Chinese oxygen generator manufacturer. Our products have been widely used in the air separators made by the group. We are capable of providing the finned pipe with a wide range of specifications.

In terms of the fins, there are six hole and eight hole, double-flanged fins, made of copper, aluminum and stainless steel.

In terms of the finned pipes, we provide the carbon steel type and copper type with low, middle and high fins.

We also can make the product according to the requirements of client.

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