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Bimetallic Finned Tube (Steel Pipe & Extruded Aluminum Fin)

The bimetallic finned tube belongs to the composite type. It is made up of steel pipe and aluminum pipe by means of thermal expansion and spiral extrusion techniques. The overall molded product has no thermal resistance, for the extruded fins are just the parts of the body essentially. By contrast, our finned tube has double or even triple heat exchange rate of the belt winded type, as well as much longer service life.

Outer diameter 20 ~ 57mm
Inner diameter 8mm ~ 32mm
Fin height 1~ 16mm
Fin interval 2 ~ 3.43mm
Fin thickness 0.3 ~ 0.7mm
Pipe end wall thickness More 1.0mm

Ps: The requirements about customization are acceptable.

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