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Copper-Nickel Finned Tube

The BFe10-1-1 copper-nickel finned tube is made by means of the overall extrusion craft. It shows terrific mechanical strength, anti-corrosion and thermal resistance. Being bent into coil for the maximum utilization efficiency is allowed. The corrugated inner pipe wall does help to force the fluid to form the turbulent current, which is very useful to adapt to the narrow space.

The products of the following specifications are available for coiling.
The copper-nickel finned tube is customizable as well.

Outer diameter 12~47mm
Inner diameter 7~22.2mm
Fin interval 1.5~3.43mm
Fin thickness 0.2~0.4mm
Fin size 1.5~10.8mm
Pipe end wall thickness More than 0.75mm
Material BFe10-1-1

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