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Aluminum Finned Tube

The aluminum finned tube is made of the smooth pipe by means of mechanical rolling. It has no thermal contact resistance, but offers high metallic strength, remarkable thermal and physical shock resistance, as well as the impressive thermal swelling capability. The greatly increased contact area makes much better heat exchange result than conventional products. In addition, the internal corrugations of the finned tube support bending and winding.

Material: Pure aluminum or aluminum alloy

Application: Air cleaning unit

Technical Parameters

Outer diameter 13~57mm
Inner diameter 8~25mm
Fin size 1~16mm
Fin interval 1.2~3.43mm
Fin thickness 0.3~0.5mm
Pipe end wall thickness More than 0.6mm
Outer sectional area/ Inner sectional area More than 9
Material Aluminum/ Aluminum alloy

Related Names
Shock Resistant Fin Tube | Custom Air Purifier Tube | Fin Tube Heat Exchanger

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